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Valentina Holiday Villa

Our villa is the ideal place to find and rediscover your tranquillity, in fact as soon as you cross the main gate you will be greeted by a wonderful landscape surrounded by greenery, thanks to our large garden enriched by countless flower beds and colorful flowers. The villa was born as a residence for the family, who at the time working in Milan but originally from the place, wanted 

Foto di Stefano Colterari Fondatore di Villa Vacanze Valentina Viterbo

A corner of happiness immersed in nature

The idea of the founder Stefano Colterari was to transform his parents' villa into a real resort for families. Self-contained apartments have been created directly

Stephen Colterari


Your experience

Your experience will be managed by Enzo and Settimia. they will take care of the reception to the cleaning and management of the villa in order to make the structure always perfect. 

Enzo Colternari

Settimia Fiaschi

Facility managers 

Foto di Enzo E Settimia Gestori della struttura Villa Vacanze Valentina Viterbo
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